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by Taswir Haider in Wordpress

It is a true fact that interesting as well as the original content always gets the maximum priority to the blogger. If you want to gain the popularity as well as subscribers, then there is no confusion that quality of content is the best way. After that you will need to concentrate on the design and navigation of your site. There are a huge amount of Word Press plugins which will assist you to optimize as well as facilitate the operation of your site.

Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Here is the list of top 10 Plugins for WordPress, which will assist you in an excellent way:

  1. Akismet
  2. All-in-one SEO Pack
  3. Google XML Sitemaps
  4. Contact Form 7
  5. W3 Total Cache
  6. Subscribe to Comments
  7. WordPress Database Backup
  8. Limit Login Attempts
  9. Gocodes Plugin
  10. WP Touch


Akismet is the best of top 10 plugins which is used in almost every WordPress set up. It is actually a comment unsolicited or spam filter. It blocks all the crazy links which are the cause of spam in your site. It also protects the users from the illegible captcha entry. So the users will feel free to use your site.

Akismet Plugin

All-in-one SEO Pack

The All-in-one SEO plugin is most popular among the bloggers. This SEO plugin deals directly. It actually gives each page as well as the blog post an excellent and unique title. It also provides the Meta tags. You will also be able to enter your own Meta tags. You can customize it by yourself as like as you like.

All-in-One SEO Plugin

Google XML Sitemaps

Sitemap are greatly used by the search engines when they are cataloging the content by using their search algorithm. Google XML Sitemaps helps to create a fresh sitemap instantly. It always submits a fresh sitemap each time to update the web page with a fresh content or writing. You just have to install it, the rest if the work will be done by this plugin!

Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the oldest and popular contact plugins. It does a great task like it adds the “Contact Us” form in the site. It is totally customizable. It is very user friendly and extremely simple to create. You will also get the freedom to make as many forms as you want and also send them as many users as you like.

Contact Form 7 Plugin

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is an awesome cache plugin. It is one of those plugins which deals directly with the total performance of a site. It is built to lower the loading time of your pages as well as the posts. It helps to give the visitors temporary documents of files of the site, which reduce the load time.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

Subscribe to Comments

This is a little plugin that usually puts a checkbox below the “submit comment” button. This gives the commenters a unique option to get an email alerting system. The visitors whenever respond to their comments or perhaps makes a touch upon the post normally, they will get the alert by the email. This is gradually increasing the popularity of your site and also helps to increase the visitors of the site.

Subscribe to Comments Plugin

Top 10 Plugins

WordPress Database Backups

This is a popular plug-in which is used to keep the backups of a site. If there is any chance to crash the database of the site, in that worst situation this plugin will help the blogger to restore the data. It will help you to download backups of your entire data source manually.

Moreover if you are looking for a more sophisticated and premium backup plugin for complete database, themes, plugins and every settings then try Backup Buddy or Backup Creator for a finer solution.

WP-DB Backup Plugin

Limit Login Attempts

To prevent WordPress from brute force attack the plugin Limit login attempts play an important role to guard your site. The plugin can limit the maximum number of logins from a IP and can block a specific IP address from multi-trying. Moreover it can also email you automatically to inform about the attempt(s). I am using it for almost all my WP sites and consider it as one of the top 10 plugins.

Limit Login Attempts Plugin

Gocodes Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugin

Gocodes is the best free affiliate link cloaking plugin (from my view) for any WordPress sites. It hides the ugly affiliate links and make the affiliate links a pretty cool one like www. example. com/recommended/products.

Gocodes Plugin

WP Touch

This enables the mobile user to visit your as well as leave the comments freely. This will automatically adjust to any mobile device.

WP Touch Plugin

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If you have any input for top 10 plugins list, please do share with us.

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