Top 3 Reasons why Bounce Rate Increase

by Taswir Haider in SEO

Bounce Rate is a common factor influencing search engine rankings and many Webmasters at the same time do not concentrate on reducing bounce rate of their site as well.

What Is Bounce Rate?

A bounce rate is a term that counts when a visitor visits a page of your site (landing page) and leave the site without visiting any other page.

Suppose you are receiving 2,000 visitors per day and 1,000 visitors leave the landing page without checking any other post or page, so-

Bounce Rate= 1,000/2,000 x 100 = 50%

There is no magic figure but for most blogging sites it is appreciable if you can keep bounce rate below 50% – unless you have a one page affiliate site.

When Bounce Rate Counts

There are few reasons when visitors leave your site and count as a bounce:

  • When visitor hits the “Back” button.
  • When visitor closes the browser.
  • When your external links open in the same window and the visitor clicks on it and leave by.
  • When on the landing page, the visitor clicks one of your ads and goes to the advertiser’s page.
  • When visitor types a new URL on the browser replacing your one.
bounce rate

Top 3 Reasons why Bounce Rate Increase

Unrelated Visitors

The top reason for increasing bounce rate is unrelated visitors. Say your blog is an internet marketing blog and the visitor has interest on health topics, so it is likely that he will leave the blog without checking other page(s). This type of visitors generally comes from Social media sites where you are creating backlinks but all your connections are not similar to your interest.

Web Design

If your website looks clumsy and if visitor cannot find all navigation links at first look, visitor do not feel comfort browsing your site. You might have several ads and other stuffs on your site but after all the interface should be as clean as possible.

Website Content

Finally contents in your website plays an important role in determining the bounce rate. If your site do not have good posts and if it cannot deliver people with the specific information people are searching for at your site, it is likely that visitors not like your posts and leave site without checking more pages.
If you like to know how to improve bouncing rate of your site, then you might like to read my earlier post on How to Reduce Bounce Rate.
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