Important On page Optimization Factors for greater SEO Rankings

by Taswir Haider in SEO

When we optimize any website for search engines, 2 factors come into consideration the most: On page optimization and Offpage optimization. Today we are going to discuss about on page optimization in SEO. On-page optimization are the factors that have an impact on natural search results. You have complete control on these factors and possible to optimize your posts and site for these in your own style.

Top On page Optimization Factors that Help to Get better SERP

Here are the top on page optimization factors that have a great impact on search engine optimization.

Post Title

Title is one of the most important SEO factor that plays significant role in ranking a post higher in search engines. Moreover a good and catchy title increases the click-through-rate of your posts. Always include the primary keyword in Title. Moreover Title should be limited to 67 characters including space.

Top Onpage Optimization Factors for greater SEO Ranking

Post URL

Another important on page optimization factor is post URL. Make sure that you have changed the default permalinks from Settings before writing your first post. Make sure to optimize the URL and include primary keywords in it. If possible remove the stop words from URL. Make sure to Adjust the essential settings after installing new WordPress blog.

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Heading Tag

You should implement heading tags wisely in the post, specially H2 and H3 tags. In Wodpress by default Post Title is the H1 tag. Implement H2 and H3 tags in your post and include primary as well as secondary keyword once (if possible) in the tags. H4 tags are less important and do not need to be used unless necessary.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is something that should be used properly so that search engines can identify the keywords in your post. Make bold and italicize the primary keyword. You can use a premium SEO plugin like Easy WP SEO, ScribeSEO, SEO Pressor to help you properly optimize keywords.

Optimum keyword density should be between 1 and 2 percent in the post. What I do is I finish the post first in my own style and then implement the primary, secondary and LSI keywords before publishing so that it doesn’t change the meaning of sentences or loose the quality of the articles.

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Meta Tags

A catchy meta description is important like your post title. It actually performs well in search engine result pages (SERP) where visitors read the description a while and click to see what is inside. Meta description should be limited to 160 characters including space.

Google announced long ago that they do not weight meta keywords anymore but you can include it to be workable for other search engines like Bing and others.

important seo factors


You should optimize every single image for search engines for better on page optimization SEO. Search engines cannot read images, they can only read the text behind it. So use Alt tags so that it can understand what the image is for. To know more about on page optimization factors for image, read my earlier post on how to optimize images.

Post Length

It is assume that longer posts (1000+ words) rank higher in search engines but this is not true always. Medium and small length posts also seem to go high due to proper optimization and Pagerank of the site. Just give a Google search and you will find many shorter posts ranking high in search engines.

But for good user experience and enough information, your posts should be minimum 300 words in length. From my experience I have seen posts between 500~800 words length tend to perform the best in SERP.


Interlinking between posts help to increase strength of the linked post as well as search engines can find the inner pages faster. Interlinking also flows the Pagerank from high to low rank pages.  Also make sure to keep variation in achor texts while interlinking the same post from several other posts, so that the posts rank better for several keywords.

Final Words

How do you evaluate on page optimization factors in SEO? How much importance you do give to such factors? Share your ideas.

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