Top SEO Tips to Dominate Search Engines like Google

by Taswir Haider in SEO

SEO or Search engine optimization consists of two essential elements:

Producing search-engine-friendly content material and

Receiving high-quality one way links.

However, there is a third element that you can consider seriously:

Staying the right side of Google and preventing Google penalties at all costs, since Google gives the most organic search engine visitors and getting banned is essentially a dying sentence for a site, especially whether it is a new web site without a well-established following.

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Here are the top SEO tips, which will be beneficial for you to dominate search engines.

Top SEO Tips to Get Higher Ranking in Google

1. Content is King

The only thing that the search engines respects is high-quality text message with many links pointing to it. Google considers web sites that are continuously adding useful contents for readers. For this reason you should set yourself a realistic target for that production involving new information and adhere to it. Whatever you choose, remember that Google loves only fresh information.

2. Use bold and Italics keywords

If you bold, italicize or even underline a word, Google assumes that this is one among your keywords. You should therefore bold, italicize or even underline your primary keyword in your page. Many webmasters bold and italicize the title tag instead of using heading tag which makes Google confused what is the primary keyword in that page.

3. Density of Keyword

The keywords you are targeting should appear in your Title tag, Meta tag and content. Don’t overdo this: a page that is stuffed together with keywords damages the credibility of your respective web site and it is easily discovered by Google as a junk. The optimum keyword density for content should be kept between 1%~2% at most. Use the keyword in H2 and H3 tags wisely.

4. Anchor Text for backlinks

Links can get titles which is called anchor text. Not merely this helps how people know what your location is sending them, but some search engines like Google figure this inside their relevancy for a page.

5. Newsletter

Offer articles to Newsletter publishers of which archive their own ezines. The backlinks stay resides often for many years in their archives.

6. Deep linking

Be sure to have internal links being used on as many pages as you can. You must have a huge number of quality articles. Use these articles for using appropriate linking.

7. Make use of a high Content-to-Code Rate

Search engines will give your page an increased ranking if it has plenty of text relative to the volume of code. You must aim for a high content-to-code  ratio of the page, so that there should be more information than the rules.

8. Search engines cannot Examine Images

Search engines cannot read the images, but the text behind the images! You should use Alt Tag for all your images as possible not only to help for better ranking but also to drive visitors from image search.

9. Use a quality host

You might be wondering why host is included under top SEO tips, but you cannot build a successful site without using a reputable, high-quality host without having almost 0 downtime theoretically. You also need to make sure that you have some sort of top-notch targeted visitor statistics programs like Google Analytics, GetClicky etc that could display precise data relating to your traffic and search engine referrals.

10. Post in the forums

An excellent way of getting one-way back links is to post in forums and place contextual inbound links pointing to your web site with a link for a homepage in your signature. Of course this is only tolerable (and beneficial) if your forum’s niche is the same as your Website.

What top SEO tips you use to get rank in search engines? Please do share with us.

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