What is Content Curation & How to Curate Contents Properly

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

What is content curation? Content curation is aggregating contents from different sources on the web and delivering the best of it in an unorganized fashion. A content creation doesn’t necessarily mean to generate any new content, rather collecting it from variety of channels and summarizing the best parts. As a general rule of thumb, content creation sites reproduces some part of the original story and link back to the full story, and can be operated by a individual or group of people. Content curation is becoming a key to success for many online marketing presence.

Who are Content Curators?

We all are somehow taking part in different content curation sources and curating the best part of it. Facebook & Twitter are the 2 best examples that many of us are using regularly to mostly curate our own contents. Other examples could be Delicious and Tumblr that allow us to share the part of contents and link back to the original. Scoop.it is another great example in this category and used by thousands of us. Alltop, BlogEngage, BizSugar can be the popular examples used by many bloggers in the community. There are officially many other content curator sites that are helping the blogging atmosphere to summarize the important stuffs on a particular topic and gathering knowledges.

What is Content Curation

How to Curate Contents Properly

Write for your Audience- Decide your target audience and write the best of your part for them. High quality evergreen contents are alive for long and share through the web for a long time.

Share but don’t Steal!- Give proper link bank and credit to the original source. This will reward you having the same from the original source.

Use Channels- Use all the different channels for promoting, including social media sites, blogs as well as your email list.

Sharing old links- If you have shared a curated content once, you can again share it as long as you believe it is a great one and adding value to the readers.

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