What is a Pillar Article : Characteristics of Pillar Articles

by Taswir Haider in Blogging

Every single blogger is definitely a content marketer and every blog is undoubtedly a house of contents. Could you visualize a house without having pillars? I believe you cannot. Without pillar contents a blog is as similar to a house without pillar and it ought to collapse. So, to build your blog outstanding, you’ll need to develop few pillar articles as well.

What is Pillar Article

The definition of pillar articles is not limited to one single concept. Few examples are:

A “How to” article… Can be a how to guide to solve specific problem

A list article… like “Top 5 Ways”, “Top 10 tips to”

A definition article… define a concept with high reference materials

In fact a pillar article is something that offers something valuable, outstanding in quality, linking and shared by others, can draw visitors at no time and most importantly can solve a problem or guide visitors over the period of time.

Characteristics of Pillar Articles

Pillar Articles Made with Quality!

Pillar articles are high-quality articles that deliver values to the readers. A reader visits blog to get valuable information and facts or even to find out a simple solution for his problem. If the blog does not deliver his needed, why visitor will stay on your blog?

Quality is much more crucial compared to quantity. A top quality article could certainly catch the attention of a good number of visitors. However today’s online world has really been overwhelmed with quantity. There are numerous pieces of articles which don’t have any real value. Thus, to ensure your blog to be outstanding, you’ll need to generate quality contents from time to time.

PLR Articles

Pillar Articles Build with Longer Posts

Since pillar articles actually present the real value and benefit to readers, it typically gets longer. Pillar posts not even deliver benefits to the readers but in addition increase the value of your blog. Do you have any idea about the typical reading speed of a human being?

This is 200 words/minute.

So, when you write a content about Two hundred words long, it takes merely a single minute to read and even in some cases considerably less than a minute! Thus, the traditional short articles may reduce the time spent on site.

But a pillar article should have hold your blog visitors for a couple of minutes. Here I would like to ask you a question:

Just how long would you like to keep the visitor stay on your blog?

If you need to keep him on your blog for five minutes, your article needs to be a Thousand words long, right?

After creating a thousand words lengthy article, you will want thousand visitors to read it. If each visitor spend 5 minutes on the blog, they will spend 5000 minutes altogether to read a particular article! Is your article such commendable to devote this specific amount of time?

Ask yourself, it will make you to stick with the quality.

Pillar Articles bundled with Uniqueness

Thousands of articles and reviews have been released every single day. However unique and original articles have always distinctive influence over reader’s mind and in addition they can remember it even after a long time.

Is it possible to remember everything you had for the lunch yesterday? You cannot all the time; simply because you’re doing so each and every day and it’s certainly not unique. But I am sure, you can remember that what you had for lunch for a particular picnic? Even though it was a couple of years ago.

Pillar Articles are Mostly Evergreen

Pillar articles are evergreen and most of the time suitable for any specific situation. While delivering pillar articles imagine whether it will deliver value few years later or more?

Pillar articles shouldn’t be like a leaf in the winter which falls today and die tomorrow. Basically pillar articles are born to stay forever! They seem to appeal the readers at any specific period of time, since they have got useful elements in it.

How do you write Pillar article? What strategy do you follow for writing Pillar articles? Do you link other specialty articles from your pillar articles to make it more powerful resource? Share your ideas!

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