Benefits of Wordpress as a CMS for Blogging

Wordpress is a great Content Management System (CMS) without which the Blogging world might not be so much evolved like this! Being a free script WordPress doesn’t get enough credit as it deserves and the benefits of WordPress could not be assumed before someone use it. When I was into the blogging world for the first time I was also wondering which CMS I should use and so the same question ….

How to Cloak Affiliate Links to Get Rid of Ugly Links

If you are blogging in Internet Marketing niche, affiliate marketing is one the of the best way to earn money from blogging. There are a number of affiliate management plugin to help you in the process. You might like to cloak affiliate links into a pretty one. You can customize the Php file of your blog but that method is lengthy and critical. The simples method is to use any of the ….

Clean Wordpress Malware with Sucuri Sitecheck

Are you using WordPress for blogging? Have you ever got attacked with Malware? If both answers are Yes, then you know how much harmful it can be for you. It can lower your search ranking as well and if you are afraid from this, you might like to check your site with Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic tool to identify how your site appears to Google in the last 3 months. Moreover you ….

best wordpress plugin

There is a long argument about the maximum number of plugins you can use for your WordPress blog. The truth is that the plugin usability depends upon your requirements, so no one can give you the exact idea for the maximum number of plugins you should use. Excessive plugins may slow down your site and you might consider using a CDN service or upgrade your hosting if necessary. Actually ….

Due to its nature, WordPress blogs are vulnerable to hacking as well as spamming. Spam comments are a major problem for any blogger and technology is so advanced now-a-days that auto bots can even solve almost all captchas. Thanks to Akismet that it is doing a great role in reducing spam comments. But is Akismet turning spam comments to zero? The answer is obviously “No”. You can ….

Selling Amazon products is a good choice specially if you have affiliate marketing sites. Amazon – being a high trusted source have good conversion rate with thousands of quality products. If you are an amazon affiliate then you can try any of the 5 Amazon Plugins for your WordPress site. 5 Amazon Plugins for WordPress Amazon Link Plugin Amazon link plugin can insert amazon products ….

Ultimate Coming Soon Page

We all know and feel the importance of a coming soon page when we are going to launch any new site that requires significant amount of time and we want to capture email from our potential visitors and inform them that we are launching our new website. There are several themes to create coming soon pages but how about using a plugin instead of using a theme? Much faster and lightweight ….

Ad Squares Widget to Display 125x125 Ads in Sidebar

Are you using 125×125 ads in your blog? Then you might be using any plugin to manage your 125×125 ads! WP125 is the most popular one for such ad management so far. Another cool one is Ad Squares Widget which I prefer more than WP125. Why? There are few reasons why I prefer Ad Squares Widget plugin over WP125 plugin. Features of Ad Squares Widget Plugin 1. You can rename Title with ….