Theme Check - Wordpress Theme Checker Plugin

Earlier I discussed about one Theme Checker plugin for WordPress – Theme Authenticity check which check your theme for potential malware and malicious links. However the plugin doesn’t go though the codes to find whether there is any code error or missing or warning on your theme. Theme check is a popular WordPress plugin to do this task for you. How to Use Theme Checker WordPress ….

Getting comments is one of the primary aim for any blogger to keep the blog alive. But sometimes you might need to disable comment for any specific post or page. But how can you do that? This might be confusing for a newbie using WordPress for the first time, but the process is quite simple! Recommended Read: How to reduce spam comments on wordpress Disable Comments on Specific ….

We all know how much important the Sidebar is for any blog. Majority of the visible monetization comes through sidebar including Adsense, Advertising and Affiliate marketing. But for few specific pages, you would like to remove sidebar to make it clean and focus more on the content. Such example we notice in About me, Contact, Privacy policy, Advertisement, Submit guest post- these type ….

How to Add Ping Services to Wordpress

Those who are using WordPress for quite some time must know the importance of ping services. This is a free service from WordPress that is really beneficial, specially whenever you publish any post it sends a Ping to each of the service listed. So you need to have your own ping list to index faster. How to Add Ping List to WordPress Assume that you have already got your own ping ….

Revision Control Plugin to Limit Wordpress Post Revisions

Revision Control Plugin is a prominent WP plugin to control post revisions for your WordPress blog. Practically WordPress supports unlimited post revisions for any post, which place unnecessary load on WordPress database increasing its size. What is Revision Control Plugin Everytime you are saving a post, it is creating a post revision. Sometimes the number of post revisions are quite ….

Blocco Premium Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Gallery themes are featured themes which help Designers, Photographers and other professional to summarize and showcase their creativity in a professional manner. A picture express thousand words, hence a gallery theme reflects the professionalism of a person. When you search for professional WordPress Gallery theme you will find thousands of options but very difficult to choose ….

Wordpress Theme Bug

Being the best blogging platform, lots of free as well as premium themes have been developed around WordPress. Besides premium theme, many bloggers are still using beautiful free themes for their WordPress sites. But is your free theme safe for your site? Probably yes, but perhaps not. Still today many free themes in the market have malicious links and malware integrated with it which ….

Keywordluv Plugin to Attract More Comments on your Blog

We all know the value of Keyword in anchor text, at the same time most of the bloggers like Blog Commenting technique. But does the comment allow keyword as anchor text while we are making blog comments? I believe more than 90% blogs currently do not. They allow only your name as anchor text (in the name field) which is increasing your name popularity (that’s true though) but not ….